Thursday, 24 February 2011


my ch0rel speaking

TO PRESENT 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Boy: As s0on as Wolf began t0 feel,
Girl:As s0on as Wolf began t0 feel?
Boy:That he w0uld like a decent meal
Girl:That he w0uld like a decent meal?
Boy:He went and kn0cked 0n Grandma's do0r
Girl:He went and kn0cked 0n Grandma's do0r?


When Grandma 0pened it,she saw....
The sharp white teeth,the h0rrid grin,
And Wolfie said,"May I c0me in?"
Po0r grandma was terrified,
"He's g0ing t0 eat me up!"she cried
And she was abs0lutely right.
He ate her up in 0ne big bite.
But grandma was small and t0ugh,
And Wolfie wailed,"That n0 en0ugh,
I haven't yet begun t0 feel,
I n0t have a decent meal,
He ran ar0und the kitchen yelping,
"I'm theref0re g0ing t0 wait right here
Till Little Red Riding Ho0d
C0mes h0me fr0m walking in the w0od".
He quickly put 0n  Grandma's cl0thes,
[0f c0urse he hadn't eaten th0se]
He dressed himself in c0at and hat,
He put 0n sh0es and after that,
He even brushed and curled his hair,
Then sat himself in Grandma chairs.
In came the little girl in red.
She st0ped.She stared.And then she said,
"What great big ears y0u have,"Grandma?
"All the better t0 hear y0u with,"the Wolf replied
"What great big eyes y0u have,"Grandma?said Little Red Riding Ho0d.
"All the better t0 see y0u have,"the W0lf replied.

He sat there watching her and smile.
He th0ught,I'm g0ing t0 eat this child.
Compared with her 0ld Grandma,
She's g0ing t0 taste like caviare.
Then Little Red Riding Ho0d said"But grandma
what a l0vely great big furry c0at y0u have 0n?"
"Thats wr0ng!"cried w0lf."Have y0u f0rg0t
To tell me what Big Teeth I've g0t?
Ah well,n0 matter what y0u say,
I'm g0ing t0 eat y0u anyway."
The small girl smiles.0ne eyelid flickers.
She whips her pist0l fr0m her knickers.
She aims it at the creature's head.
And'Bang Bang Bang,'she sh0ots him dead.
A few weeks later in the w0od,
I came acr0ss Miss Riding Ho0d.
But what a change! No cl0ak 0f red,
No silly h0od up0n her head.
She said,'Hello,and d0 please n0te
My l0vely,furry WOLFSKIN COAT'

                                                      ~THE END~

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